Surgery & Treatment for Throat & Neck Issues in Farmington, NM

Pinon Hills Ear, Nose, Throat & Allergy Specialists is the place you want to go for throat and neck concerns in Farmington, NM. Health issues in the neck may be cancerous and require treatment and surgery. Our ENT doctor, Dr. Brett Clarke, is board-certified and has had many years of experience. Feel confident our practice can offer you information and treatment concerning head and neck cancer.

No one wants to think about cancer. However, we want to reassure you that there is a lot of medical knowledge and technology available for patients today that give excellent results. When it comes to cancers of the head and neck, look to our ENT physician for screening and treatment.

The good news about cancers of the head and neck is these are often curable when found early. This is why we feel so strongly about cancer screening and treatment.
We recommend you make an appointment with us when you have difficulty with swallowing, sores in this area that do not heal, or a persistent sore throat.

Our ENT Doctor’s Approach to Head & Neck Surgery

We want you to know our surgeon has the qualifications and knowledge to provide you with exceptional care. The first thing we do is talk to you about your condition, perform an examination, and do tests. This allows us to gather the information we need to make a diagnosis. Then, it is time to discuss the diagnosis, and make recommendations for treatment and/or surgery for head and neck cancers.

Dr. Clarke can remove tumors and other abnormal growths from your neck and face. Two common types of tumors are found on the thyroid and the parotid glands:

Thyroid Tumor — Growths can occur in the thyroid gland, which is responsible for making hormones for your body. When such growths show signs of cancer or are large and uncomfortable, surgery is often needed. Depending on how much of the thyroid is removed, medication may be necessary for hormone replacement.

Parotid Tumors — You may not be familiar with the name parotid, but these are the glands that produce saliva to help you chew and digest food. Sometimes, tumors can form in these glands, which can cause swelling, pain, and even impair movement in the face. Surgery is the answer to remove these tumors.

Contact us today with your questions about head and neck cancer screening and treatment. For more in-depth information about throat, neck, and other related conditions, we recommended paying a visit to