Ear Check-Ups in Farmington, NM

When it comes to our ears, proper care and health are vital to ensuring you can hear your surroundings and that your balance is intact. On an average day, you might not pay too much mind to how important our inner ears are to our daily lives, but if you get an infection or condition that causes issues, you’ll find your daily routines becoming very challenging. Get your ear check-ups in Farmington, NM, at Pinon Hills Ear, Nose, Throat & Allergy Specialists; we’re committed to ensuring you have the best ear health possible with our broad range of treatments.


Doctor Checking Patients EarIf you’re experiencing issues with your ears, it’s best to see a specialist, such as an EST, to take care of your treatments. We have experience in providing treatment to delicate areas like your ears. Some of the conditions we help our patients with include:

  • Clogged Ears – This common ailment can be caused by air, water, ear wax, or infection.
  • Ear Infections (Otitis Media) – An inflammation in the Eustachian tube that causes pain. This is commonly found in children and should be treated quickly.
  • Hearing Loss – Hearing loss can happen at any age but is common in older people; we’ll find the root cause and provide the best solution.

Surgical Relief Options

We offer ear surgery as an option for people who have severe hearing loss or ear infections. Using a tympanoplasty procedure, we can repair or reconstruct holes in the eardrum. We also offer removal of diseased cells that spread into a part of our skull that’s behind our ear in a procedure called Mastoidectomy or Mastoid Debridement to prevent hearing loss or an abscess in the brain.

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