⚠️ Attention Allergy Patients 

We have resumed allergy shots! If you or your child is an allergy patient and you have not heard from us, please call (505) 327-4429 to schedule an appointment. 

Allergy Injections in Farmington, NM, Offer a Long-Term Solution

Though it may seem odd, direct exposure to the things that trigger your allergies just might be the best way to reduce or eliminate them. This is also the method we choose to help our patients overcome their worst allergy symptoms. If you’ve been suffering with allergies and are tired of drowsy, symptom-masking allergy medication, then consider visiting Pinon Hills Ear, Nose, Throat & Allergy Specialists for allergy injections in Farmington, NM.

Allergies can make you miserable with the symptoms of sneezing, watery eyes, or hives. These are just some of the ways your immune system reacts to the allergens that are causing these problems. Let us provide you with an option for allergy relief on a long-term basis. Schedule an appointment at our ENT practice for long-term allergy treatments.

How Does This Option Work?

allergy medicationCome to our practice to talk to one of our physicians about your allergies. Your treatment may begin with a skin or blood test. With the skin test, a tiny bit of the suspected allergen is scratched onto your skin to see how your body reacts. A blood test also can determine this information. Our physician or his PA-C will consider whether an injection is an effective treatment for you based on your results.

To start with, shots are given in the upper arm with an injection one to three times a week for three to six months. Gradually, the amount is increased to build up your immunity to the allergen. After this, you begin a maintenance period where you would only come into the practice once a month for three to five years.

At the end of this time, your tolerance increases greatly as your body gets used to the allergens. The benefit is that your symptoms may decrease, or even disappear completely. At this point, it may be possible to control allergic reactions with the injections or even stop the shots altogether.

Of course, a challenge to such treatment is that it requires regular visits to the doctor’s office while your body is getting desensitized to the allergen. It is not an instant solution to the problem. However, with due diligence and persistence, it can be quite successful and can build up your immunity to the point where the allergen doesn’t bother you anymore. Dr. Clarke and Derek Bronson (PA-C) are willing to work with you through this time so you can gain relief from allergy symptoms.

Contact us today to find out if injections would help with your allergy problems. From Farmington, New Mexico, we proudly serve patients in New Mexico, Southwest Colorado, and Eastern Arizona.

For more in-depth information about allergies and other head and neck conditions, we recommended paying a visit to enthealth.org.